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tj Rehmi
The Warm Chill

tj Rehmi

“A little bit of reggae, a little bit of bhangra
and a whole lot of lilting guitars float upon
these ambient clouds.”

Jack Real, URB Magazine

tj Rehmi

As a professional musician, composer, and producer, tj Rehmi’s unique and innovative style of music has inspired many around the world. His work includes producing Bhangra and Rap artists, working as a session guitarist, recording 2 ep’s and 5 solo albums and working on numerous remixes.

Born of Asian parents in England, Rehmi has always been a thinker, observer, and a rebel. Raised in a very multi-cultural environment, Rehmi was drawn early towards art and music and began playing guitar in school. But, even at a young age, Rehmi felt the pressures of finding his own Anglo/Asian identity and dealing with the issue of racism and the destructive atmosphere of race riots. Rather than taking a public stance, Rehmi enveloped himself in his music and, despite his parents’ objections, found solace in his music.

With guitar in hand, Rehmi explored the burgeoning bhangra scene as a session player and quickly was in high demand. Session after session, Rehmi became interested in recording and started producing and arranging for some of the top bhangra bands from the mid ‘80s to the early ‘90s. Touring with these bands also gave Rehmi the opportunity of visiting other countries such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Holland, Denmark, France and Dubai, providing an ever-growing musical fodder.

Rehmi began to incorporate all of the sounds, rhythms, and styles he heard into his own music. His past musical influences are many. He harbours a deep love for a range of great music from Be Bop to Hip Hop; from world folk music to classical Indian; from Bach to reggae… the list is endless.

 “I love to hear good music from a variety of cultures and different periods of time. My mind is like a baby…very inquisitive.”

Trying his hand at composition, Rehmi turned to Afro/Asian and jazz fusionists for inspiration.  “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Parker, Miles, Coltrane, McLaughlin and the violinist

L Shankar… they’ve all ‘got it’ and I was learning from them through their music.”

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2.The Warm Chill

  3. Axis of Ignorance  
  4. Perfumed  
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  7. You Are We Am i (Blue Mix)  
  8. Xcentric  
  9. Lone Rider  
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“Lovingly (and relaxingly) mashing bhangra and breakbeats…miles beyond the dreaded Anglo-meets-Asian congloms of late.”
Stacy Meyn, XLR8RMagazine

“This is musical morphine for the brain.”
Darren Ressler, Big Shot Magazine

As warm and inviting as a scented bath, this soothing blend of gentle guitars and tablas, Eastern melodies and electronic rhythms deserves to be discovered by the New Age crowd.
Judson Kilpatrick, Global Rhythms

“tj Rehmi’s latest endeavor as a musician, composer and producer, ‘The Warm Chill’ takes the listener through mostly ambient fields of dreams, many of which incorporate downtempo drum n’ bass and tabla licks highlighted by imaginative Indo-Fusion guitar meanderings… Liken it to the Hindu phrase, suhâg-lahar -- a favorable wind or refreshing breeze.”
Robert Kaye, freelance writer

“Rehmi is an emotional and forceful, musician, composer and bandleader and leads a high powered group that holds on to the best aspects of club shows and electronic rhythms.”
John Shelton Ivany Top 21 CD’s

“Rehmi has managed to create a piece of work that redefines the very essence of what a Chill album, and a Brit Asian album should be … tj has always made electronica emotional, but this time he's made his studio weep.”
Bobby Friction, D.J. /BBC Radio 1

“Rehmi’s greatest strength is his ability to soak the music in emotion. If pictures are worth a thousand words, Rehmi’s elaborate soundscapes are worth a thousand feelings.”
Mark Schiff, Denver Free Press

“Warm Chill…spice[s] up a soothing atmosphere with rhythmically and texturally challenging musical ideas. Highly recommended!”
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

“…Rehmi [is] pushing boundaries and shattering pigeonholes…a must have record…”
Sankar Sury, Ethnotechno



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