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Sat Hon
Peace Practice (Luminous Gate)

Sat Hon

"Soothing and relaxing. Helps the listener
find a quiet spot in which to unwind."

Jean H. Laprime

Sat Hon

A native of Guanzhou, China, Master Sat Hon received a B.A. from Princeton University and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Connecticut College. The founder of the Dan Tao School, he teaches in NYC where he lives with his wife and three daughters.

In his own words:

“By nature, I am lazy. After completing my Masters degree in Dance, I chose to just drift along with the
current of life without ever applying for a 'serious job', as my mother would have said. It was a decision
I made twenty years ago as a young man in my twenties. Instead, I used the time to dive deeply into
the realm of Taoist Qigong and Taiji Quan practice.

What has guided me in my life is this lazy or easy principle of being. Somehow, the practice of Qigong
and Taoist movements give me the inner experience of being like the drifting of clouds. The deeper level
of Taoist practice opens me to the world of Wu-wei, non-becoming. Somehow, as I gain insight into the
effortless way of moving, my movement improves and energy flows even better.

My father named me Sat Chuen, Tumbling Rock. My life is a series of tumbling acts flowing like a
meandering stream over different terrain, with no hard discernable goals. As I study and practice the
Qigong deeper, a gradual realization dawns on me that the spirit of the Tao is like a meandering stream.
It is the process that counts.

It is my vision that the Taoist practices of Qigong and Taiji Quan will blossom under this 'at ease',
open context. The Tao embraces the Creative Principle of life. It holds to the great 'mind' of the
universe to guide our day-to-day action.”


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The Luminous Gate is a dynamic practice that serves as a vehicle of peace for the collective consciousness of humanity. It helps us to transmute the dark energy of grief, fear and anger into light, vitality and compassion. These triangular dark emotions could fuse into a sharp wedge of destructive violence and war. It is not possible to suppress or escape from these emotions. We have to transmute the pain and suffering into light and compassion. No matter what practice one chooses to do, it is crucial that one should devote time daily to the cultivation of balance and harmony within oneself.

The Luminous Gate cultivation does not belong to any sectarian religion or ethnic culture. It is like the pure taste of cool sparkling spring water without any additives, quenching our parched throat in the burning house of our time.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this CD will go to childrens charities.


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