“… this Grammy-nominated artist is sure to touch your soul and awaken your inner gypsy with his latest release”
Rita Trieger, Fit Yoga


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Damian Draghici was born in Bucharest, Romania into an extremely distinguished musical family that dates back seven generations. At the top of his field in Romania, Damian began recording as a leader and a sideman with the National Radio Symphony Orchestra at age 15.

Despite his successes, Damian was secretly making plans to defect, due to the increasingly repressive political and social climate he and his family were experiencing in communist Romania. For the first year in Athens, Damian was homeless, getting by only on money he made busking on street corners. He finally found more substantial work as a nightclub pianist.

The Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) got wind of Damian¹s musicianship and offered him a fully paid four-year scholarship. In 2001, Damian, together with a 150-piece symphony orchestra, returned to the newly liberated Romania to play to an audience of 72,000. Damian's latest endeavor, a diverse album of his compositions aptly entitled Oneness.

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  1. Oneness

2. Open Your Heart

  3. Habanos Days
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    JORIO/Alex Fiend 'GlobalEpic' Mix

“ …[Oneness] is a collection of slick electronica reminiscent of the world-beat dance fusion ‘Buddha Bar’ series. It contains flamenco, Enya-ewsque vocal swoons, trance drums and jazzy bass lines ...”
Ben Sisario, New York Times

“…his most cherished recording to date in his recently-released Oneness, which he recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.  The album, which he says draws influence from Massive Attack, Future Sound of London, and classical music, is an eclectic smattering of styles and is chock full of cameos.” Darren Ressler,
Big Shot Magazine

“… highlight tracks [are] the irresistible ‘Open Your Heart’ and the rhythmically complex ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Crossroads Brothers’, not to mention the abstract and downright jungly ‘Planet Music’.”
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

“He’s got an album out-entitled Oneness, upon which he’s backed up by the London Symphony Orchestra-of cool, otherworldly tunes.”
John Polly, Next Magazine

“With a crack international squad that includes Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona and Latin percussionist Louis Conte, Damian explores gypsy, klezmer, classical, electronic and pop sounds. Itcan be quite an arresting mix at times; songs like “Anaconda” and the title track open up interesting new musical avenues thanks to Damian’s fearless experimentation.”
Tom Pryor, Global Rhythms

“Every once in a while a record by an artist you are unfamiliar with will come in to your life and you’ll begin to wonder what took so long …  If you are need of something different on your CD player, Oneness is the record you might be looking for.”
Marc Apple, Insite Atlanta

“Under the category of world music, Draghici incorporates multiple genres into his compositions. With his gypsy roots firmly planted in every note, jazz, rock, trance and classical elements compliment the ethereal echo of his pan flute. “
Janine Schaults, Chicago Innerview

“ This is music for the true traveler.”
Delta Horizons

“…the mix of the ancient and modern, classical and dance, proves a satisfying mix that sits above the usual standard of world fusion efforts.”
James Bartlett, 100WordReviews.com

“…sturdy electronic beats and otherworldly Balkan vocals, jazzy trumpets and other elements make this album such a delight.”
CD Hot List

“Rarely does an artist bring together so many disparate styles of music with such clarity. However, ONENESS, as the title suggests, unites musical cultures with great ease.”
Paula Carino, Muze



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