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"Traveling inside with Drala's divine sound
brings us to uncharted bliss"
Rodney Yee

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Midnight Flower

Midnight Flower expands Drala outward from the yoga studios into the club, lounge, and evening entertainment environment. The second offering from Drala, combines mesmerizing melodies with trance like grooves that breach the boundaries between World Fusion, Electronica and Pop.
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  1. Opening The Gates

2. Surya Namaskar
    (Sun Salute)

  3. Karuna Canyon
  4. Home  
  5. Deva Loka


David Nichtern
talks buddhism, music, balance & more

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“…sensual and beautiful…has sent a shiver up my spine on more than one occasion…it makes me happy as I practice my postures with it.”
Lilias Folan, acclaimed yoga teacher

“…perfect for a vinyasa yoga class…fun, beautiful, inspiring, spacious….every time I play it , my students ask me where they can get it.”
Cyndi Lee, Director OM yoga center , NYC

"Drala is some of the best meditative music (it was designed for Hatha Yoga) around, thanks to head chefs David Nichtern and Steve Gorn. In these days of unease, Drala can help restore balance into your life!”
Richard Fuller, Editor of Metaphysical Reviews

"Thanks to the sophistication of the principle musicians, this recording seamlessly blends contemporary ambient stylings with the nuances of the eastern instrumentation, with just enough of a jazz sensibility to create a lovely urban feel to the sound. Standout tracks include the quietly energetic “Opening the gates” and the Eno-esque “Home.”
New Age Voice



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