Steve Gorn
Colors Of The Mind

“I listen to him every morning while doing yoga.”
Paul Simon


Steve has performed Indian Classical Music and New American Music on the bansuri bamboo flute, soprano saxophone and clarinet in concerts and festivals throughout the world. Well known to audiences in India and the west, he has been praised by critics and leading Indian musicians as one of the few westerners recognized to have captured the subtlety and beauty of Indian music.

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  4. Afterglow  
  4. Shyam, The Dark One  
  4. Indian Nights  
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Steve Gorn plays with liquid grace.  He is a master of sound magic.  May the world discover his gift.”
Paul Winter

The New York Times

“Graceful darting melodies…amazing.  I once heard him play an 11th harmonic over a dissonant interval so perfectly it sounded in repose.”
The Village Voice

“…The aural equivalent of wafting trails of incense.  Here, Gorn’s compositions sinuously snake around the imagination to inspire dreamy ruminations.”
Eric Hiss, SPA Magazine

“Gorn’s melodic imaginations and command of pitches –from resonant baritone through lilting soprano – always reward close listening, setting Colors of the Mind apart from much music for meditation.”
Phil Catalfo, Yoga Journal

“There are days when I want to disappear into an imaginary Indian garden, with lotus blossoms floating in pools of clear water and jasmine perfuming the air. With this album, Steve Gorn has composed the soundtrack to my fantasy.”
L.G.E, Healing Retreats

“Relaxation. Peace . … These are the pleasant states I reached while listening to Steve Gorn’s latest album, Colors of the Mind.”
Mara Applebaum, New Age Retailer

“[This cd is] imbued with a deep sense of the sacred.”
Benjy, Empty Vessel

“Spectacularly emotive flutist Gorn has created what may be the ultimate transcendental listening experience with Colors of the Mind …sensual, uplifting and wonderfully detailed reveries.”
PJB, New Age Voice

 “The music is translucent.  It’s also perfect for yoga or meditation.”

“I heard him in Bombay, where there was no doubt about the local audience’s enthusiastic acceptance of this remarkable artist.”
Songlines Magazine

“It is not very often that one comes across a foreigner who has imbibed our classical music quite thoroughly, so much so that it is hard to distinguish him from an Indian musician. Steve Gorn is one such rare specimen.”
Calcutta Statesman

“White men can’t jump, but at least one of them sure can blow that Indian bansuri bamboo flute.”
Chart Magazine

“Elegant, mysterious and soothing.”
Tantra Magazine


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