The Beyman Bros
Memories of Summer as a Child

Doc, Beyman, CJ Beyman, Nudgie Beyman

Doc Beyman, CJ Beyman, Nudgie Beyman


Memories of Summer as a Child, is the debut album from the Beyman Bros. Although their music is born of brotherhood, the trio of Nudgie, Doc, and CJ Beyman are, respectively, the unrelated trio of guitarist and composer David Nichtern; multi-instrumentalist, writer, and filmmaker Christopher Guest; and keyboardist, producer, and composer CJ Vanston. Encompassing the ringing acoustic tones of bluegrass, the improvisational freedom of jazz, the warmly meditative qualities of devotional music, and a cinematic sense of depth and expansiveness, Memories of Summer as a Child is a remarkable project rooted in intimacy and life-long friendship.

Friends since childhood, renowned guitarist, composer ("Midnight at the Oasis"), and producer David Nichtern and multi-instrumentalist, writer, actor (This Is Spinal Tap), and filmmaker (For Your Consideration, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show) Christopher Guest have been playing music together since their early teenage years in New York City. "Whenever David would come out to Los Angeles," says Guest, "he and I would play together in my kitchen." Nichtern adds, "We'd get very relaxed and get into this sort of open improv kind of picking: moody and spacious."

"It seemed that those sessions were events that we both enjoyed, and we wondered if that could be replicated and recorded," Guest explains. "We thought that perhaps we could get some of the same feel that we got when we were improvising." Guest and Nichtern enlisted longtime Guest collaborator, keyboardist and producer CJ Vanston (keyboardist/musical director in Spinal Tap and a session musician with extensive credits in a wide range of genres), to produce and engineer the project at his L.A. studio. The trio spent several weeks together, sculpting improvisations into more developed compositions, which Vanston then further embellished with subtle textures and rhythm loops.

The resulting album, Memories of Summer as a Child is a feast of textures and colors, utilizing unusual combinations of acoustic and electric string instruments to create striking timbres at once familiar and surprising, featuring Nichtern on acoustic and electric guitars; Guest on mandolin, mandocello, clarinet, guitars, and lap steel; and Vanston on accordion, acoustic and electric pianos, synths, and percussion. "It could have been the most eclectic album in the universe," says Nichtern in retrospect. "Our backgrounds gave us so many possibilities. What is interesting is that, looking back, the music came out very, very easily. It was very natural."

"That's the basis of this record: feeling comfortable enough to let your ideas flow naturally," concludes Vanston. "There was definitely a brotherhood."

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  1. Tulong  
  2. Man of La Mantra  
  3. Moon of Tunis  
  4. Memories of Summer as a Child  
  5. Triad  
  6. Shelter Island
  7. Hidden Passage  
  8. Interlude  
  9. Hartland  
  10. The River Ebro  
  11. Awakening  

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“Music feeds the soul. It lifts the spirit. It changes the perspective. The Beyman Bros. debut CD is a warm, fragrant bath of music, soothing, relaxing, invigorating and will be missed, like that bath, when you leave it.”
-Jamie Lee Curtis

“Fifty years ago, David Nichtern and Chris Guest were boyhood chums in Suffolk County, NY, and all that swimming, bike riding, baseball, and goofing around laid the foundation for the 40 years of playing music together that followed. Memories of Summer as a Child swings, soothes, rocks, and soars, and Chris and David's lifelong camaraderie and love are evident on every track.

CJ Vanston is the third member of the group and an equal partner in every respect, though he wasn't on the Shelter Island scene in the 50s. CJ's fine, intuitive playing leads me to believe he must have goofed around with Nichten and Guest in a previous life.”
–Loudon Wainwright III


"The Beyman Brothers play so beautifully, and their record is so evocative, that I can't wait to meet The Beyman Sisters."
-Harry Shearer


“True story: I was driving back from a shoot in Santa Clarita on Election Night '08, feeling the new vibe in the air, and I put my brand new CD of The Beyman Bros on the figurative spindle. The music filled my mid-line sedan with a restrained and cautious bliss, a perfect match for the Era of Restrained and Cautious Bliss we were entering. Synchrofreakinicity, as the kids would say.” –Michael McKean


"I love music I can taste"
-Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
(Steely Dan, Doobie Bros.)


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