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Jamie Lawrence (Meditation) When he’s not in yoga class, Jamie writes music for film and television (he has won four Emmy awards). He recently released his first solo CD for kids called Bad Mood Mom (on Good Mood Records). Jamie lives in New York City where he is raised by his three children.

Drala (Home Again) A multi-instrumental world fusion band, Drala is on the cutting edge of a new musical genre that weaves elements of world grooves, dance, trance, classical Asian, and pop music. Drala joins the forces of guitarist/producer David Nichtern and bansuri flute master Steve Gorn (see bios below).

Clifford Carter (Earthdream) Clifford Carter's versatility and depth as a keyboardist have led to demand for his talents both as a touring musician and in the recording studio. He has recorded with (among others) James Taylor, Natalie Cole, George Benson, Rosanne Cash, Michael Franks, and Paul Simon.

David Nichtern (Shambhala Moon / Simplicity) An Emmy award winning, Grammy nominated composer, guitarist and producer. Nichtern composed the classic song Midnight at the Oasis, the score and title songs for The Big Picture, One Life To Live and As The World Turns, and has recorded with Jerry Garcia, Christopher Guest, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Maria Muldaur, Dr. John, and Billy Crystal.

Falguni (Subah) Trained as a classical Indian vocalist since childhood, Falguni has toured extensively as a soloist and has performed and recorded with renowned drummer Kenwood Dennard, legendary Indian musician Ustad Sultan Khan, Asian Massive leader Karsh Kale, and her own band Karyshma. A frequent guest vocalist on Dharma Moon recordings, Falguni will be releasing her first “cross-over” solo CD on the label in early 2004.

Kirby Shelstad (Sangye) (www.kirbyshelstad.com)
As a composer, percussionist and vocalist, Kirby Shelstad has come up with his own unique fusion of East/West music. Drawing on 30 years of cultivating the “inner arts”, Kirby masterfully layers his chanting and singing of Tibetan and Sanskrit texts over elaborate and moving world music arrangements.

Steve Gorn (At Ease) Master bansuri flute player Steve Gorn has combined the essence of classical Indian tradition with jazz and a contemporary world music sensibility. Steve has collaborated with a vast array of artists, including Paul Simon, Richie Havens, Paul Winter, Jack DeJohnette, Glen Velez, Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal.

Michael Hewett (You Won’t Let Anybody Down) A graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music, composer/guitarist Michael Hewett has been inspired by influences ranging from Aaron Copeland and Michael Hedges to Radiohead. John Diliberto of Echoes radio describes Michael as a “composer of quietly epic dimensions.”

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"Traveling inside with
Drala's divine sound brings us to uncharted bliss"

Rodney Yee
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  1. Meditation Jamie Lawrence
  2. Home Again Drala
  3. Earthdream Clifford Carter
  4. Shambhala Moon David Nichtern
  4. Subah Falguni
  6. Sangye Kirby Shelstad
  7. Simplicity David Nichtern
  8. At Ease Steve Gorn
  9. You Won’t Let Anybody Down Michael Hewett

“[The] flowing vocals lyrically transport you to some magical sub-tropical land and [you can] sense the breeze caressing your shoulders. Melancholy, but in a good way, with a smile in your heart.”
Yogi Times

“Beautiful vocals…[and] rhythms that feel like a babbling brook…insure a very chilled-out listening experience…highly recommended.”
Debi Winston Buzil Yoga Chicago

“…Bound to lull almost anyone into sleepy, dreamy bliss with its quiet, free-flowing notes.”
Mara Applebaum, New Age Retailer

“At Ease incorporates a soundscape that invites the listener to travel inward to a calm, relaxed place…[and] helps the mind unwind.”
Leslie A. Young, Massage & Bodywork

“…Suitable for a gentle yoga class, or just simple relaxation.”
Richard Brookens, Enlightened Practice

“It is a favorite at the LA YOGA office and perfect along with a morning cup of whatever gets you going.”
Adam Skolnick, LA YOGA

“… Versatile enough for yoga studios, spas-even your office.”
Waylon, elephant

“Here, all is peace and good vibes.”
Otto Coca, Muze

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