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Rare Elements
The Remixers

Thievery CorporationThievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation, compromised of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, made noise on the music scene with their now classic SOUNDS FROM THE THIEVERY HI-FI. Their ability to fuse divergent musical styles to produce new genres in electronic music led to remix work for David Byrne, Stereolab & Pizzicato Five. Contributing to the DJ KICKS series rose their profile, leading to the commercial success of MIRROR CONSPIRACY and THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON.
Joe Claussell
Joe Claussell

Joe Claussell started his musical journey managing the underground music store Dance tracks in NYC. Under Joe’s direction the store quickly became the epicenter for deep soulful music in NYC. From here Joe casually agreed to try his hand at some production work in the form of remixes for electronic sensations Instant House’. Almost immediately both Instant House's Over and Awade’ achieved cult status and Joe’s production career was born.

Ralphi Rosario
Ralphi Rosario
Besides spinning around the globe, Ralphi Rosario still maintains a DJ residency in his hometown Chicago, with local rooms as HYDRATE, Berlin and Crobar.Shortly after his start as a DJ, Ralphi created dance/house music history as a member of the world renowned Chicago “Hot Mix Five”, delivering his mix magic to the masses over the airwaves for nearly a decade. Many believe legend status was achieved when Ralphi’s “You Used to Hold Me” mega hit became an overnight club classic.
Nickodemus & Osiris
Nickodemus & Osiris

Nickodemus & Osiris have been dedicated to making music that rocks dancefloors worldwide! Since then, they have been consistently making music for the "Turntables on the Hudson" compilations, remixing artists, such as Astor Piazzolla, Zap Mamma & Sultan Khan, and forging ahead on the completion of their first full length album entitled, "Inside the Dance."

Jordan Radar
Jordan Radar
Jordan Radar lives in Brooklyn, NY as a composer, producer, engineer and DJ. Writing and playing everything himself, from synthy bass lines to cowbells and screeching guitars, he creates a hybrid of 80’s electro-dance and hard edge rock n’ roll. His songs combine raw, compelling emotions with heavily percussive dance grooves.
Brainpolluter aka Dave Marino started out on the indie label Analigital Records releasing several well received dance records under the name Trancenden. In 1997, he went to work as head engineer for Will Lee (bassist, David Letterman). During that time, he worked with musicians such as Chuck D, John Tropea and Chuck Loeb.

Rare Elements, the first release in a series of groundbreaking albums that will feature the blending of master musicians with the worlds’ top remixers. Five Points Recorded ten original tracks performed by Ustad Sultan Khan, a world-renowned Sarangi master. Ustad Sultan Khan has collaborated with such artists as Madonna, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, Ravi Shankar, and George Harrison. Five Points Records then enlisted top remixers: Thievery Corporation, Nickodemus and Osiris, Joe Claussell and Ralphi Rosario to interpret and rework the Eastern melodies creating a union of old and new worlds.

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1. Aja Maji
    (Sacred Rhythm Version)
Joe Claussell
2. Tarana Thievery Corporation

3. Jana
    (Sad Bachelor Remix)

Radar One
4. Jaadu
Nickodemus & Osiris
5. Majhi Re Brainpolluter

6. Maula
   (Bhangra-Hydrate Vocal Mix)

Ralphi Rosario
7. Sayaji Joe Claussell
8. Meher Ali
   (Bollywood Burning Remix)
Radar One
9. Caravan
10. Don’t Run Away Radar One


“With Khan’s ‘Elements,’ Rhythms of the world seamlessly unite to form one global groove.”
Michael Paoletta, Billboard

“Rare Elements is an intoxicating fusion of two rhythmic cultures uniting as one.”
Darren Ressler, Big Shot Magazine

“Remixes by Dashiki-rockin’ Joe Claussell, Thievery Corporation, Radar One, Brainpolluter and Nickodemus and Osiris are blissed- out reinterpretations of the originals.”
Robert Gorell, Urb Magazine

“Fans of Talvin Singh, Karsh Kale and Asian Dub Foundation will …  be overjoyed with this compilation from new New York label 5 Points.”
Tyra Bangs, XLR8R

“Rare Elements skillfully matches talented musicians with great producers/remixers/DJs … Something about Khan’s voice and the unique sound of the sarangi provides incredible fodder for the album’s roster of A-list producers/remixers…The music is multi-layered and lush, going from mellow, chill grooves (JANA) to dancing-at-the-edge-of-the-Apocalypse house rockers (MAULA). An excellent collection of well-produced, very cosmopolitan electronica that you’re sure to hear at a chill out room near you.
Vince Villalobos, Atomica Magazine

“The concept behind Rare Elements … is intriguing and admirable …such well-arranged songs make Rare Elements a worthwhile experiment.”
Peter Nicholson, BPM Magazine

“Disco legend Joe Claussell’s two efforts are worth the asking price alone…[he] sets a sorcerous stage for Khan’s sarangi essays, resulting in a ten-minute, quasi-religious experience.”
Dave Chamberlain,New City Chicago

“Encore, Please.”
S. Sahaya Ranjit, India Today