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Michael Hewett (Nagal/Crisis & Observation) A graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music, composer/guitarist Michael Hewett has been inspired by influences ranging from Aaron Copeland and Michael Hedges to Radiohead. John Diliberto of Echoes radio describes Michael as a “composer of quietly epic dimensions.”

David Nichtern (In Praise Of/ Leaving The Palace/I Believe It's You) An Emmy award winning, Grammy nominated composer, guitarist and producer. Nichtern composed the classic song Midnight at the Oasis, the score and title songs for The Big Picture, One Life To Live and As The World Turns, and has recorded with Jerry Garcia, Christopher Guest, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Maria Muldaur, Dr. John, and Billy Crystal.

Drala (Moment To Moment/Opening The Gates) A multi-instrumental world fusion band, Drala is on the cutting edge of a new musical genre that weaves elements of world grooves, dance, trance, classical Asian, and pop music. Drala joins the forces of guitarist/producer David Nichtern and bansuri flute master Steve Gorn (see bios below).

Falguni (I Believe It's You) Trained as a classical Indian vocalist since childhood, Falguni has toured extensively as a soloist and has performed and recorded with renowned drummer Kenwood Dennard, legendary Indian musician Ustad Sultan Khan, Asian Massive leader Karsh Kale, and her own band Karyshma. A frequent guest vocalist on Dharma Moon recordings, Falguni will be releasing her first “cross-over” solo CD on the label in early 2004.

Steve Gorn (Indian Nights) Master bansuri flute player Steve Gorn has combined the essence of classical Indian tradition with jazz and a contemporary world music sensibility. Steve has collaborated with a vast array of artists, including Paul Simon, Richie Havens, Paul Winter, Jack DeJohnette, Glen Velez, Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal.

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  1. Nagual Michael Hewett
  2. In Praise Of David Nichtern
  3. Moment To Moment Drala
  4. I Believe It's You David Nichtern, featured vocalist Falguni
  4. Crisis & Observation Michael Hewett
  6. Leaving The Palace David Nichtern
  7. Opening The Gates Drala
  8. Indian Nights Steve Gorn

“…Blends elements of dance, world grooves, trance and New Age … will be recognizable to the 20 million Americans who spend time in yoga studios.”
Suzanne Smalley, Newsweek

“Om Yoga Mix is the ideal music accompaniment to a reviving yoga session.”
Dance Magazine

“Get into the groove…!”

“Om Yoga Mix takes you on a transcendental journey that relaxes your mind and elevates your spirit.”
Wesley Alexander, Spa Finder

“…Yoga Class won’t be the same without a chilled-out musical backdrop …a relaxing mix to complement a session of breathing and relaxing.”
Chicago Sun –Times

“…Takes you on a journey whether you’re in a yoga session or listening session.”
John Diliberto, Amazon

“Om Yoga in the Big Apple is hotter than Bikram!”
Rose Taylor, Yoga Rockies

“…Energy – and contentment – boosting program…ideal workout compilation.”
Otto Coca, Muze


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